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The Extreme Explorers FatCat Package

The Extreme Explorers FatCat Package

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Introducing "The Extreme Explorers FatCat Package" - Your Off-Road Adventure Awaits!


Unleash your inner adventurer with the thrilling Extreme Explorers FatCat Package! Get ready to conquer the off-road terrain like never before with our Classic FatCat Mini Bike FC 212 delivering non-stop excitement and endless fun. But that's not all – we've decked out this package with awesome features to amplify your off-road experience! Are you up for the ultimate off-road escapade?

What You Get:

Classic FatCat Mini Bike FC 212: Our renowned 212cc engine, a clone of the legendary Honda GX200, delivers unbeatable reliability for those long-distance journeys. With nearly 20% more power than the competition, you'll unleash a jaw-dropping 7.5hp and accelerate like a true champion. Plus, the fat wheels and terrain-tackling tires ensure you conquer any landscape with ease.

Front & Rear Chunky Tyre Upgrade:  Experience the ultimate chunky tyre upgrade! Your choice of any chunky tyre upgrade - A003, A051 or Steer Tyres. 

The A-003 tyre is engineered to provide excellent control and grip on both hardpack and loose dirt terrains. It strikes the perfect balance between durability and traction, giving you an outstanding all-around tyre without breaking the bank.

Introducing the All Terrain SunF A-051 Tyre – these rugged tyres pack in approximately twice the tread depth compared to our standard V-pattern tyres.

With an angled knob design, deep lug depth, aggressive shoulder knobs, and added sidewall protection, these tyres are ready to conquer the most challenging terrains, including trails, deserts, mud, dirt, and rocky conditions.

Introducing our Steer Tyre – the perfect front tyre upgrade for your FatCat. Its carefully designed tread pattern enhances steering control on various terrains.

Camo Graphics Sticker Kit (your choice of colour): Give your FatCat Mini Bike a distinctive look with our customisable Camo Graphics Sticker Kit! Crafted and designed in Australia by a local graphics expert, these sticker kits are built to withstand the toughest outdoor conditions. Personalise your ride and make it stand out in style!

Rock/ Splash Guard: For the extreme explorers who brave wet, muddy, or rocky conditions, our Rock Splash Guard is a must-have. Protect your electrical components and the front of your engine with ease. It effortlessly bolts on to the existing mounting point where the regulator/rectifier attaches to the frame. Crafted with precision in Australia, these splash/rock guards are built to last.

Garter Springs: Lighter than the originals, these springs engage the transmission at lower RPM, making lower speed manoeuvres easier while not affecting the top end speed.

Fork Boots: Shield your shocks from sand, dust, and mud buildup while enhancing your bike's aesthetics with our Fork Boots. Crafted from soft, flexible, and resilient rubber material, these protective covers are designed to keep your front forks in top shape.

5 L Jerry Can: Fuel your adventures with our 5-liter Jerry Can, ensuring you have enough fuel to explore the farthest reaches of the wilderness.

Set of Ring Spanners: Equip yourself with the essential tools for quick, on-the-go maintenance. Our set of ring spanners fits most of the bolts on FatCats and ensures you're always ready to handle minor adjustments and repairs.

Camo Tool Bag: Keep your essentials organised and easily accessible with our Camo Tool Bag. It's the perfect companion for your adventures, designed to withstand rugged terrain.

Phone Holder Case: Stay connected and navigate your way through uncharted territory with our Phone Holder Case, designed to keep your device secure and easily accessible while riding.

 Rear Rack Extension: 

  • Tailored for FatCats: Designed specifically to fit your FatCat Mini Bike perfectly.
  • Versatile Tie-Down Points: Multiple tie-down points for maximum cargo flexibility.
  • Effortless Installation: Includes all mounting hardware and stainless bolts for a hassle-free setup.
  • Built to Last: Durable textured powder-coated finish ensures longevity, even on rugged terrain.
  • 10kg Load Rating: Carry up to 10kg with confidence.
  • Australian Craftsmanship: Proudly made in Australia, where adventure is in our DNA.

Get all of this included with your Extreme Explorers FatCat Package for the unbelievable price of just $3089!

Assembly Made Easy:


At FatCat Bikes, we know you're eager to hit the trails with your new Fast FatCat! That's why we've made the assembly process a breeze. When your bike arrives, it will come in a box, almost fully assembled - all you need to do is chuck on the front wheel, shocks, and handlebars, and you're ready to roll! The instructions on how to finish up the assembly are included with the bike, ensuring a hassle-free experience.




As part of our Fast FatCat Model, we've included some awesome extras to amp up your ride. These accessories, including the Front & Rear ChunkyTyres

Camo Graphics Sticker Kit, 

Rock/ Splash Guard, 

Garter Springs, 

Fork Boots & Rear Rack Extension will arrive separately for you to install yourself. We believe in empowering our riders to customise their bikes and tailor them to their preferences. Unfortunately, we can't do this step for you, as our bikes are securely packed in a crate, ready for shipping.


Fear not, though! Installing these accessories is a breeze, and our comprehensive instructions will guide you every step of the way. We're committed to ensuring you have the best experience with your Fast FatCat, both on and off the track.

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