Bundle Up and Save! Our team has crafted some awesome packages, bringing you the best of both worlds: FatCat bikes and matching accessories, all tailored to suit your needs perfectly!

Buying together means more savings and more adventures!

Expert-Approved Accessories: our FatCat team of experts has done the legwork for you! They've handpicked the ideal accessories for each package, so you can supercharge your FatCat with confidence! From speed demons to all-terrain masters, we've got the perfect combo for you!

Gone Racin'....


Rev up your off-road adventures with the adrenaline-pumping Fast FatCat Package! Unleash the power of the Classic FatCat Mini Bike FC 212, now upgraded with a turbocharged selection of performance goodies.

If you're craving the ultimate off-road experience, look no further than the Fast FatCat Package. Unleash the power, embrace the speed, and conquer the wild with FatCat Mini Bikes!

Rev Up Your Fun

Gone Fishin'...


Calling all fishing enthusiasts! Say hello to the Fishing FatCat Package, your ultimate off-road companion for outdoor adventures and angling thrills!

With the Classic FatCat Mini Bike FC 212 at its core, this package comes packed with features that'll make your fishing escapades even more epic.

Seize the moment, cast your line, and ride to fishing paradise with FatCat Mini Bikes. Hook it now and reel in the excitement!

Conquer the Great Outdoors

Gone Adventurin'....


Unleash your inner adventurer with the thrilling Adventurer FatCat Package! Get ready to conquer the off-road terrain like never before with our Classic FatCat Mini Bike FC 212 delivering non-stop excitement and endless fun.

But that's not all – we've decked out this package with awesome features to amplify your off-road experience!

Are you up for the ultimate off-road escapade? Take the plunge and let the adventure begin!

Dare to Explore

Buckle up and get ready for an off-road experience like never before!

Don't miss out on these one-of-a-kind package upgrades to your FatCat Mini Bike

  • Expertly-Approved Accessories: Our team of FatCat experts has gone the extra mile to handpick the accessories that best complement your chosen package. We understand that every rider has their distinct style and requirements, whether you're a speed demon or an all-terrain master. That's why we've meticulously selected the perfect combination of accessories to elevate your FatCat experience.

  • But here's the twist – all of our packages include a FatCat Mini Bike, along with the accessories we know will match your style and enhance your ride. However, please note that these accessories will not come pre-fitted to your bike upon arrival. Instead, they will arrive separately but in the same shipment, giving you the freedom to customise your ride exactly the way you want it.

  • So, why opt for one of our packages? The answer is simple: our experts have taken the guesswork out of accessory selection to ensure that your adventures are nothing short of extraordinary. Plus, when you purchase a package, you'll enjoy significant cost savings on these top-quality accessories. It's our way of empowering you to make your FatCat Mini Bike truly yours!