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Muffler - Build Your Own Exhaust

Muffler - Build Your Own Exhaust

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Rev up your FatCat Mini Bike's performance with our custom exhaust system options!

If you're interested in creating a personalised exhaust system for your FatCat Mini Bike, consider these mufflers as an ideal choice!

Crafted from sturdy steel and coated with zinc for added protection against corrosion.

Featuring a convenient 20mm BSP thread, these mufflers can easily be screwed into a pipe or fitting with the corresponding thread. Alternatively, you have the option to cut off the thread and weld the muffler directly onto a pipe.

Measuring approximately 55mm in diameter and 160mm in length, these mufflers are designed to fit your needs.

For tubular exhausts, we highly recommend using fiberglass exhaust wrap to enhance safety by reducing the risk of burns.


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