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9 Teeth Front Sprocket

9 Teeth Front Sprocket

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Introducing our Front 9 Teeth Sprocket – Your Ticket to a 10% Gear Reduction and Enhanced Torque for your FatCat Mini Bike!

Compared to the standard 10T front sprockets, these upgrades offer you:

1. Increased Torque: Gear your FatCat down by 10% to experience a boost in torque, perfect for tackling various terrains and riding conditions.

2. Easy Installation: You can use these sprockets with your existing chain. Simply fit the sprocket and re-tension the chain for a hassle-free upgrade.

3. Compatibility Note: Please note that these sprockets are not compatible with the DID gold chain due to its thicker side plates.

Here's a quick rundown of the final drive ratios for different sprocket combinations:

  • Factory configuration with 53T and 10T sprockets: 5.3 : 1
  • 53T and 9T sprockets: 5.9 : 1
  • 72T and 10T sprockets: 7.2 : 1
  • 72T and 9T sprockets: 8 : 1


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