"What are the maintenance tips for mini bikes?"

"What are the maintenance tips for mini bikes?"

Embark on worry-free rides with your FatCat Mini Bike! Unlike other bikes on the market, FatCats are designed with simplicity in mind, making maintenance a breeze. 

We've got your back! FatCats are designed to be user-friendly when it comes to routine upkeep. We totally get that not everyone is a grease monkey, so fear not! In our Facebook Owners Group, we've compiled a treasure trove of 'how-to' guides to walk you through the nitty-gritty of maintenance tasks (request to join if you haven't already!). Plus, the trusty old owner's manual covers all the regular maintenance stuff, making it a handy reference.

If you'd rather let the pros handle it, that's cool too! Small engine mechanics are usually more than capable of taking care of tasks like changing the oil or giving the carburetor a good clean. So, there's always help available if you need it.

Let's dive in to more info! 

Keeping your FatCat in tiptop shape is a breeze with these simple pre-ride checks:

  • Ensure proper tyre inflation.
  • Check oil and fuel levels.
  • Give the chain some love with cleaning and lubrication.
  • Verify chain tension and make adjustments if needed.

Our engines come ready to roll, but consider an oil change after the initial rides using genuine Honda 10W-30 API SJ oil, available at your local Bunnings.

Before You Hit the Trails: Assembly Tips for Maximum Fun

Safety Cautions:

  • Route cables and brake lines carefully to avoid interference with steering.
  • Secure the rear brake line to prevent catching on the front mud guard.
  • Double-check the engine oil level, ignoring any assembly instructions suggesting to fill it.
  • A low oil sensor prevents starting with insufficient oil or when on a lean.
  • Adjust the throttle limiting screw under the air filter housing as desired.
  • Always check tyre pressure before riding (10psi minimum, up to 15psi fine).
  • Lubricate the chain before use; motorcycle chain lube, gear oil, or engine oil works.

CVT Maintenance: Refer to the owner's manual for CVT maintenance info.

Keep Your Ride Purring: We've Got Your Back!

Embark on your FatCat adventures with confidence, knowing that your mini bike is not just a thrilling ride but also a companion designed for easy maintenance and affordability. With standard-sized spare parts and reasonable costs for replacements, keeping your FatCat in peak condition won't break the bank.

Whether you're a hands-on enthusiast or prefer leaving it to the pros, we've got you covered. Join our Facebook Owners Group for a wealth of 'how-to' guides, and if you ever need assistance, our dedicated team is just an email away at fun@fatcatbikes.com.au.

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel @FatCat Mini Bikes Australia for insightful how-to videos, ensuring you're well-equipped for any maintenance task. Enjoy the simplicity and user-friendly design of your FatCat, setting it apart from other bikes on the market.

As you hit the trails, worry-free rides and endless fun await. Your FatCat Mini Bike is not just a ride; it's a promise of affordability, simplicity, and peace of mind.

Keep the rubber side down and enjoy the thrill of your FatCat adventures!

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