Unveiling The Reel 'n' Ride FatCat Package: Your Gateway to Adventure!

Unveiling The Reel 'n' Ride FatCat Package: Your Gateway to Adventure!

Are you ready to blend the thrill of off-road riding with the excitement of fishing? Introducing The Reel 'n' Ride FatCat Package, meticulously curated to elevate your outdoor escapades to new heights. Let's dive into what this exceptional package has in store for you!

1. Classic FatCat Mini Bike FC 212

Experience the power of our renowned 212cc engine, delivering unbeatable reliability and nearly 20% more power than the competition. With fat wheels and terrain-tackling tires, conquer any landscape with ease.

2. Fishing CatFish Graphics in Blue

Transform your FatCat into a masterpiece with custom Fishing CatFish Graphics, designed for durability and style.


3. CVT Garter Springs – 1800RPM Engagement

Unleash lower RPM engagement for smoother take-offs and enhanced control on any terrain.

4. Fishing Rod Holder

Make fishing a breeze with our specially designed rod holder, ensuring you're always ready to reel in the big one!


5. 72 Teeth Sprocket - Gear Reduction for FC-212

Enjoy enhanced torque and a comfortable pace with a 25% reduction in gear, perfect for challenging terrain or leisurely rides. 


6. DID 420D Solid Bush Chain

Elevate your ride with a quality replacement chain, pre-lubricated for low friction and maximum durability.

7. Oversized Foot for Kickstand

Prevent tipping on soft surfaces with our oversized kickstand foot, designed for stability and easy installation. 


8. Rear Rack Extension

Boost your adventure with extra storage for fuel, supplies, or even an esky, proudly made in Australia for durability.


Fuel your off-road passion and join the FatCat family today! Don't miss out on The Reel 'n' Ride FatCat Package, available now for just $2,589. Please note that accessories will arrive separately for self-installation, empowering you to customise your ride exactly how you like it.

Experience the joy of off-road riding like never before with The Reel 'n' Ride FatCat Package! 

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