Tim's Awesome FatCat Mod and Calling All FatCat Enthusiasts!

Tim's Awesome FatCat Mod and Calling All FatCat Enthusiasts!

Our very own Mr. FatCat September, Tim, recently made a fantastic modification to his bike that we just had to share with all of you. Tim's creativity knows no bounds, and we think you'll love what he's done!

We hope you're ready for some exciting updates from the FatCat community!

Tim swapped out the classic-style headlight on his FatCat for two sleek mini lights, and the results are nothing short of amazing. He was in pursuit of the perfect balance between brightness and that signature FatCat style, and he nailed it! The new lights, sourced from eBay, not only provide ample illumination but also look incredibly cool. Instead of a single bar of light, Tim opted for two vertical lights, creating a wide and impressive beam that will undoubtedly turn heads on and off the trail.

But that's not all! Tim has also taken the initiative to tackle the Garter spring mod, and his verdict is crystal clear – it's an upgrade worth considering for anyone in the FatCat family.

At FatCat, we thrive on the passion and creativity of our customers. We absolutely love seeing you all modify and personalise your bikes to suit your unique needs and preferences. It's not just about necessity; it's about the pure joy of tinkering and the thrill of pushing the boundaries of design.

Now, here's where you come in! Have you made some cool modifications to your FatCat that you'd like to share with the community? We want to hear about your fantastic ideas and see the amazing transformations you've made to your bikes. Your creativity could inspire others to embark on their own customisation journey!

So, whether it's a mod that enhances performance, adds style, or simply brings a smile to your face, we want to know about it! Share your stories, photos, and experiences with us, and who knows – you might just be featured in our next FatCat newsletter!

Note: Safety First! All modifications and enhancements to your FatCat motorbike should be carried out by a professional mechanic or technician to ensure they are performed safely and effectively. Your well-being on the road or trail is our top priority.

Thank you, Tim, for being a shining example of the FatCat spirit. Your mods are truly impressive and serve as a testament to the incredible community we have.

Keep riding, keep modding, and keep the FatCat spirit alive!

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