Stories from the Trails of a FatCat Mini Bike Owner: Check out John's Amazing FatCat Motorbike Adventure!

Stories from the Trails of a FatCat Mini Bike Owner: Check out John's Amazing FatCat Motorbike Adventure!

Unleashing Adventure: John's Epic FatCat Mini Bike Journey!

Today, we've got something special to share with you – a fantastic customer story that will leave you inspired and itching to hit the trails.

Meet John, one of our awesome customers, who recently embarked on a maiden voyage in Western Australia with his FatCat Mini Bike and a custom trailer setup for prospecting! We were blown away by the creativity and ingenuity he displayed, and we thought you would be too.

John was kind enough to share a video of his amazing setup, and let us tell you, it's epic! We've had so many people reaching out, expressing their love for what John has created, and they're particularly interested in the nifty tow hitch he used.

Watch it here:

So, here's the inside scoop on how John made it happen:

First, he crafted a sturdy bracket using flat bar steel – a brilliant idea for a solid foundation. Next, he ingeniously used the wheel nut already welded to the frame for mounting, making it super secure. Safety-conscious, he opted for a robust 5mm frame nut, reinforced with a lock nut on the rear end.

And the cherry on top? The hitch itself! John found the perfect one on eBay, and he's generously sharing the link with all of us. If you're curious to replicate his setup, you can grab the hitch directly from this link:

Disclaimer: We are recommending this product based on customer feedback, but since we haven't personally used or owned it, we assume no liability; please conduct your own research before making a purchase.


We love seeing our FatCat community getting creative and taking their motorbikes on extraordinary journeys! Thank you, John, for sharing your fantastic project with us and inspiring fellow riders to explore the great outdoors.

If you've got your own awesome FatCat stories, clever modifications, or simply want to share your off-road adventures with us, we'd love to hear from you! Your experiences might just spark new ideas within our vibrant community.

Keep on riding, exploring, and having a blast with your FatCat Mini Bikes!

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Ride on!

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