Rev Up Your FatCat Off-Road Adventure with Our 72-Teeth Sprocket!

Rev Up Your FatCat Off-Road Adventure with Our 72-Teeth Sprocket!

Have you caught wind of our awesome 72-teeth sprocket? Gear up your FatCat and get ready for some serious fun! 

With this bad boy, you'll be cruising down at approximately 25% lower speed, perfect for those times when you need that extra torque! Whether you're conquering boggy sand, a bigger rider looking for a smooth ride, or just in the mood to putter around and enjoy the view, our 72-teeth sprocket has got your back! 

And hey, did you know that this sprocket might just increase the life of your transmission belt? Less strain means more miles to enjoy the ride! 

Note: The standard chain won't cut it with this sprocket, but don't worry, we've got your back! Choose one of our top-quality DID chains that are a bit longer to pair up with this sprocket. 

But wait, there's more! We also have 9-teeth front sprockets in stock! These babies will gear your FatCat down by 10%, giving you that extra boost of torque compared to the standard 10T front sprockets. 

The best part? You can use them with your existing chain – just remember to re-tension it after fitting the sprocket. Oh, and one more thing – they're not compatible with the DID gold chain due to its thicker side plates. But hey, we've got plenty of other options for you! 

Now, get your gears spinning and your adrenaline pumping! So don't wait too long to seize this fantastic opportunity to upgrade your FatCat and make it even more awesome!

Hurry up and grab yours now– your off-road adventure awaits!

72 teeth sprocket compared with factory standard size.



**Please note our accessories are reserved for FatCat customers only, as we have very limited stock!**


Stay wild. Stay FatCat!

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