Pro tips, community spotlights, and a fun photo contest just for you!

Pro tips, community spotlights, and a fun photo contest just for you!

What’s Your Next Adventure?

We know you love riding your mini bike as much as we do. So, we’re curious—what’s your next adventure? Are you hitting the trails, cruising through mud, or enjoying rippin' through the sand? Share your stories with us! We’d love to hear about your latest ride, your favourite trails, or any epic moments you’ve had on your FatCat.

Pro Tips from the FatCat Community

We’ve gathered some fantastic tips from fellow FatCat riders to keep your bike running smoothly and your rides even more enjoyable:

  1. Tyre Pressure: Keep those tyres at optimal pressure for a smoother ride and better handling. We recommend a minimum of 10 psi, but feel free to adjust it based on rider weight and terrain, up to 15 psi. Keep in mind that excessively low pressures can cause the tyre to unseat or develop slow leaks.

  2. Chain Maintenance: Regularly clean and lubricate your chain to extend its life and improve performance. Also remember to keep the chain properly tensioned.

  3. Safety Gear: Always wear your helmet and other protective gear. Safety first, always!

Fun Challenge: FatCat Photo Contest 📸

Show us your FatCat in action! We’re hosting a photo contest and the winner gets a surprise gift from our store. To enter, simply:

  1. Snap a cool photo of you and your FatCat Mini Bike.

  2. Share it on Socials with the hashtag #fatcatminibikes or share it via DM.

  3. Tag us @fatcat_minibikes_australia

The contest runs until July 8th 2024, so get snapping and show us your best shots! We'll choose our winner and contact them directly!

Community Spotlight 🌟

Meet Paul, one of our amazing FatCat riders! They recently conquered Richmond Vale NO2 railway tunnel and Stockrington Colliery in NSW and shared some incredible photos with us. Check out their journey and get inspired for your next ride.

Stay Connected

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That’s all for now. Keep riding, stay safe, and let’s make every adventure a great one!

Cheers, The FatCat Crew

P.S. Got any questions or need advice on bike maintenance? Hit us up anytime. We’re here to help!

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