Join us as we walk you through the installation process of our 72t Sprocket in our NEW full assembly video!

Join us as we walk you through the installation process of our 72t Sprocket in our NEW full assembly video!

Ready for some off-road adventure? Today, we're turning up the torque with a fantastic upgrade!

Introducing the 72-Teeth Sprocket! That's right, we're taking you from 53 to 72 teeth, giving you the power to conquer any terrain. Whether you crave more torque or prefer a lower top speed, this upgrade is a game-changer!

Join us as we walk you through the installation process step by step in our full assembly video. It's time to unlock your bike's full potential!

Get ready to roll with more power and control than ever before.

Watch the full video nowΒ and get ready to unleash your inner off-road champion!Β 

What You Need to Know About the 72 Teeth Sprocket:
Click here to see the 72T Sprocket

Our 72 teeth sprocket is designed to provide approximately a 25% reduction in gear, which results in a few noteworthy changes:

1. Reduced Top Speed: Expect a decrease in top speed, moving from around 55km/h to approximately 40km/h.

2. Enhanced Torque: Ideal for situations where you need more torque, such as:

  • Maneuvering through boggy sand

  • Accommodating larger riders

  • Leisurely rides at a slower pace

3. Extended Transmission Belt Life: By reducing the strain on the transmission belt, this sprocket may also contribute to its longer lifespan.

Please note that the standard chain will not be long enough for this sprocket. We recommend selecting one of our DID chains, which are slightly longer and perfectly compatible with this sprocket.

Click here to see the DID Chains!

Additionally, we offer 9T front sprockets separately to suit your specific needs.

Here's a breakdown of the final drive ratios for different sprocket combinations:

  • Factory configuration with 53T and 10T sprockets: 5.3 : 1

  • 53T and 9T sprockets: 5.9 : 1

  • 72T and 10T sprockets: 7.2 : 1

  • 72T and 9T sprockets: 8 : 1

Choose the sprocket combination that aligns best with your riding preferences and requirements. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or need further assistance – we're here to help you make the most of your FatCat Mini Bike experience!

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Ready to take your off-road adventures to the next level? Watch the video, gear up with the 72-Teeth Sprocket, buy a bike and enter the draw to win and let's hit the trails together!

Happy riding!

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