Get Ready to Ride with AfterPay Day Deals at FatCat Mini Bikes!

Get Ready to Ride with AfterPay Day Deals at FatCat Mini Bikes!

Ready, Set, Ride!

Rev up your off-road adventure with a sweet deal from FatCat Mini Bikes! From March 14-17, 2024, it's AfterPay Day, and we're offering an exclusive offer you won't want to miss. Purchase any FatCat Mini Bike during this limited-time event and unlock $100 worth of accessories of your choice!

Customise Your Adventure

Customise your ride with top-notch gear and accessories, tailor-made for your off-road escapades. Whether it's chunky tyres, enhanced engine accessories, or stylish upgrades, we've got you covered. Plus, with AfterPay, you can spread the cost over four easy payments, making it even easier to gear up for adventure! 


Enhance Your Ride: Top Upgrades for Your FatCat Mini Bike

Looking to take your off-road adventures to the next level? Here's a list of possible upgrades to customize your FatCat Mini Bike and elevate your riding experience:

1. Tyre Upgrades: Choose from our Cross Country SunF A-003 Tyre for versatile performance, or the All-Terrain SunF A-051 Tyre for rugged adventures. Don't forget to consider steer tyres for improved handling. Complete wheel accessories available for easy installation.

2. Coloured Graphic Kits: Personalise your ride with vibrant and eye-catching graphic kits. Stand out on the trails with your own unique style and flair.

3. Larger Sprockets: Enhance your bike's performance with larger sprockets. Experience improved acceleration and top speed for an exhilarating ride.

4. Fork Bolts: Upgrade your fork bolts for added durability and stability, ensuring a smoother ride on any terrain.

5. Low Pressure Tyre Gauge: Keep your tyres at optimal pressure with a low-pressure tyre gauge. Ensure maximum traction and control on every ride.

6. Tacho/Hour Meter: Stay informed about your bike's performance with a tacho/hour meter. Track your riding hours and monitor engine RPM for optimal maintenance.

7. Magnum Clutch: Upgrade to a Magnum Clutch for improved performance and durability. Experience smoother power delivery and enhanced acceleration.

8. Rear Rack Extension: Increase your bike's carrying capacity with a rear rack extension. Perfect for transporting gear and accessories on your off-road adventures.

9. Seat Cushions: Ride in comfort with seat cushions designed for long-distance journeys. Enjoy plush padding and ergonomic support for a more enjoyable riding experience.

10. Front Number Plate: Add a front number plate to customise the look of your bike. Choose from a variety of styles and colours to match your personal taste.

11. Muffler/Exhaust Flange: Upgrade your bike's exhaust system for improved performance and a more aggressive sound. Experience enhanced horsepower and throttle response.

12. Pod Filter Kit: Optimise your bike's air intake with a pod filter kit. Increase airflow to the engine for improved performance and responsiveness.

13. Nibbi Carburetor Complete Kit: Upgrade to a Nibbi Carburetor Complete Kit for precise fuel delivery and optimal engine performance.

14. Carby Adapter Kit: Enhance fuel efficiency and throttle response with a carby adapter kit. Experience improved engine performance and smoother acceleration.

Ready to elevate your off-road adventures? Explore these exciting upgrade options and customise your FatCat Mini Bike today

Hurry, this Afterpay Day offer is only valid from March 14-17, 2024, and is not valid with any other offer. Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your off-road experience. Visit to shop now and let the off-road fun begin!

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