Top 5 Affordable FatCat Accessories Under $40: More Bang for Your Buck!

Top 5 Affordable FatCat Accessories Under $40: More Bang for Your Buck!

Hey FatCat Riders,

We all know that money doesn't stretch as far as it used to, but that doesn't mean you have to compromise on keeping your FatCat mini bike in peak condition. At FatCat Bikes, we're here to help with our top 5 accessories that deliver incredible value—all for under $40!

1. CVT Garter Springs – 1800rpm Engagement - $40.00 AUD

These high-quality springs, made in the USA, engage at lower rpm (1800) compared to the standard 2200rpm. This means a smoother take-off, especially useful for stop/start riding and those who prefer lower speeds. Please note these springs are not pre-fitted to your FatCat.

2. Splash/Rock Guard - $25.00 AUD

Protect your bike's electrical components and engine with our CNC plasma cut, sandblasted, and powder-coated splash guard. Perfect for riding in wet, muddy, or rocky conditions, and proudly made in Australia, this guard is a simple bolt-on addition.

3. Fork Boots - Pair - $40.00 AUD

Keep your front forks in pristine condition with these durable rubber fork boots. They shield your shocks from sand, dust, and mud while adding a stylish touch to your bike's appearance.

4. 9 Teeth Front Sprocket - $30.00 AUD

Experience a 10% gear reduction and enhanced torque with our 9 teeth front sprocket. Easy to install and perfect for tackling various terrains, this sprocket is a game-changer. However, it’s not compatible with the DID gold chain.

5. Larger Main Jets for Carburetor - $10.00 AUD

If you’re upgrading your FatCat with a better air filter or exhaust, these larger main jets are essential. They help prevent lean running conditions and potential engine damage, ensuring your bike runs smoothly.

Bonus: Affordable Shipping

Take advantage of our fantastic shipping deals! We offer a $15 flat-rate shipping fee for accessories (excluding tyres). Even better, when you purchase one of our incredible bikes, the shipping for accessories is absolutely free!

Keeping your FatCat mini bike in top shape doesn’t have to be expensive. These affordable accessories ensure your ride stays smooth, protected, and ready for any adventure. Explore our collection and make the most of every dollar!

Stay safe, ride hard, and save big with FatCat Bikes!

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