For the Engine Enthusiasts: Tips and Recommendations from The Gray Goat Garage

For the Engine Enthusiasts: Tips and Recommendations from The Gray Goat Garage

Hi FatCat Legends!

We've got a fantastic recommendation that's bound to rev up your engines and add a dash of excitement to your day.

Before we dive into the exciting rec, we want to clarify that what we're about to share is not sponsored content. It's simply something we stumbled upon and couldn't resist sharing with our fellow riders who share the same passion for FatCat Mini Bikes.

Recently, we came upon an awesome YouTube video from the guys at The Gray Goat Garage in the USA. What's all the buzz about, you ask? Well, hold onto your helmets because they've created a throttle kit specifically designed for ungoverned Predator 212 and Clone engines (the American version of our awesome FatCat!) and made an awesome video showcasing it!

But what's so special about this throttle kit, you might be wondering? Let us break it down for you.

At FatCat, we live for the thrill of the ride, and we love sharing recommendations with our followers when we come across cool ones. Today, we're about to unveil something that has us all revved up and eager to spread the word!

First off, this fantastic throttle kit lets you keep your stock gas tank right where it belongs - on the engine! No need for a top plate linkage messing up your ride's sleek looks. We know how important aesthetics are when it comes to your beloved FatCat, and this kit ensures you maintain that eye-catching style.

Now, for all you gearheads and tinkerers out there who are into upgrading your engine internals (who isn't, right?), this video is an absolute must-watch. The experts at The Gray Goat Garage go the extra mile by recommending the use of billet flywheels and rods in ungoverned engines.

But here's the real gem of it all: if you're rocking the standard carby and loving it, this video is your golden ticket to the land of engine upgrades without all the hassle.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the part they're installing right here 👉 Get ready to rev up your engines, dive into the action with The Gray Goat Garage, and let this video make your heart race!

We're always on the lookout for ways to enhance your FatCat Mini Bike experience, and this exciting find from The Gray Goat Garage is a testament to that. Stay tuned for more thrilling updates from FatCat, and in the meantime, enjoy the ride!

Keep the rubber side down and the throttle wide open!

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