FatCat Mini Bikes Referral Program - Earn $100 Accessories Store Credit!

FatCat Mini Bikes Referral Program - Earn $100 Accessories Store Credit!

Are you itching to give your FatCat Mini Bike a makeover? If yes, you’ve hit the jackpot! FatCat Mini Bikes is thrilled to announce an exclusive referral program that not only rewards you but also your pals! Imagine this: for every friend you refer who purchases a FatCat Mini Bike, both of you will receive a whopping $100 in FatCat Accessories Store Credit. Yes, you heard that right – it’s a double win!
So, what’s the scoop, and how do you get started? Let’s dive into the details of this unbeatable offer and discover how you can maximise your rewards while giving your beloved bike the ultimate upgrade.


This blog post will explore the exciting new referral program offered by FatCat Mini Bikes. We'll look at how you can participate, the benefits of upgrading your bike with the $100 accessories credit, and why this offer is a game-changer for you and your friends. Ready to rev up your engines and dive into the details?



How to Participate in the FatCat Referral Program

Participating in the FatCat Mini Bikes referral program is as easy as riding a bike! Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to get you rolling:
  1. Spread the Word: Share your awesome FatCat experience with everyone!! Tell your friends about the quality and fun of FatCat Mini Bikes and how they can also benefit from this great deal.
  2. Reap the Rewards: Once your friend makes a purchase (make sure you let us know you referred them or we won't know), both of you will receive a $100 FatCat Accessories Store Credit. It’s that simple! 

The Benefits of Upgrading Your FatCat

With $100 in store credit, the possibilities for upgrading your FatCat Mini Bike are nearly endless. Here are just a few ways you can use your credit to enhance your biking experience:
  • Customise Your Ride: Choose from a variety of accessories to personalise your bike. From custom decals, number plates, add a rear rack extension (so many exciting options!) make your FatCat uniquely yours.
  • Enhance Performance: Invest in performance parts like upgraded tyres or a new exhaust system that can help your bike run smoother and faster.
  • Boost Comfort: Upgrade your seat for longer rides by adding some extra cushioning to ensure you’re riding in comfort all day long. We've got fork boots, rear sprockets...soooo many choices! 

Why This Referral Program Is a Game-Changer

The FatCat Mini Bikes referral program isn’t just about getting new accessories; it’s about building a community. By participating, you:
  • Strengthen Bonds: Share your passion for mini bikes with friends and enjoy rides together with your upgraded FatCats.
  • Save Money: Who says upgrades need to be expensive? With the referral credits, you enhance your bike without breaking the bank.
  • Enjoy More Adventures: Upgraded bikes mean more reasons to go out and adventure. Whether it’s exploring new trails or cruising around town, your enhanced FatCat will take you there.

Safety First!

While we’re all about having fun and upgrading our bikes, safety always comes first. Every ride you take should be paired with the proper safety gear. Remember, a helmet isn't just a recommendation—it's a necessity. Always gear up properly to ensure you enjoy many more thrilling rides on your FatCat Mini Bike.

So, what are you waiting for? Start spreading the word and get those referrals rolling in. It’s not just an opportunity to upgrade your bike—it’s a chance to enhance your whole riding experience and share it with friends. With the FatCat Mini Bikes referral program, let the good times roll, and let’s ride into exciting new adventures together!
Ready to join the program or need more information? Visit our FatCat Mini Bikes website www.fatcatbikes.com.au today and start your journey towards a better biking experience!


Q: How soon do I get my store credit after referring someone?
A: The $100 store credit will be sent to you both immediately after your friend’s purchase is confirmed (remember to let us know you referred them!)
Q: Can I use the store credit on any item?
A: Yes, the store credit can be applied towards any accessory available in the FatCat Accessories Store.

Join the excitement and start upgrading today!

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