Essential Torque Converter Maintenance Guide for FatCat Mini Bike Owners

Essential Torque Converter Maintenance Guide for FatCat Mini Bike Owners

Mastering Torque Converter Maintenance: A FatCat Mini Bike Owner's Guide

Are you ready to unlock the secrets of torque converter maintenance for your beloved FatCat Mini Bike? Look no further than our exclusive tutorial, available in our Private Facebook Owners Group!


Step-by-Step Maintenance Walkthrough

Join us as we take you through the entire process of torque converter maintenance, from start to finish. Learn how to disassemble the torque converter, change the springs, and apply dry lubrication to the crucial components.


The Power of Dry Lubrication

Discover the importance of dry lubrication and where exactly to apply it for optimal performance. We recommend a top-quality dry lubricant available at Gasweld and select industrial parts retailers for your convenience.

Parts Diagram and Maintenance Guide

Navigate torque converter maintenance with confidence using our detailed parts diagram. Identify the areas requiring cleaning and lubrication, ensuring your FatCat Mini Bike stays in top condition for all your off-road adventures.

Below is a parts diagram showing where to clean (C) and lube (L) the components. The drive pulley needs regular maintenance, the driven pulley only needs very occasional maintenance.



Expert Tips and Tricks

Get insider tips on maintaining your drive and driven pulleys. Learn why regular maintenance of the drive pulley is essential and how to perform occasional maintenance on the driven pulley.


Elevate Your Riding Experience

Whether you're a seasoned rider or new to the FatCat community, our torque converter maintenance tutorial is a must-watch. Take control of your bike's performance and longevity with our comprehensive guide.


Access the Tutorial Today!

Join our Private Facebook Owners Group -  and head to the "featured" tab to access the torque converter maintenance tutorial. Don't miss out on this valuable resource – your FatCat Mini Bike will thank you! 

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