Discover How Glen Eden Beach Resort is Benefiting from FatCat Mini Bikes!!

Discover How Glen Eden Beach Resort is Benefiting from FatCat Mini Bikes!!

How Glen Eden Beach Resort In Beautiful Noosa Qld Transformed Their Business with FatCat!

Did you know that our bikes aren't just built for adventure but can also double as fantastic workhorses? Allow us to introduce you to our friends over at Glen Eden Beach Resort in Noosa, sunny QLD, where they've recently rolled out the red carpet for their team member, Rod. Rod is not your average handyman; he's also a gardener and mulcher extraordinaire!

But here's the twist: Glen Eden Beach Resort decided to amp up Rod's game by gifting him his very own FatCat Mini Bike. Why, you ask? Well, it's become Rod's trusty sidekick for zipping around the property and tackling his work with superhero-like efficiency.

We sat down with the fantastic folks at Glen Eden Beach Resort and asked them a few burning questions:

1. Why did you choose FatCat?
According to the team, they're head over heels for the fat off-road tyres, which prove perfect for their soft grass and are absolute champs on the sandy terrain!

2. How has it benefited your business?
They spilled the beans on how it's been a game-changer for their elderly gardener, who now zooms around the property like a pro, making quick work of his tasks.

3. How did you hear about us?
They stumbled upon FatCat through their neighbouring resort management, captivated by the design and its perfect fit for their needs.

4. How easy is it to ride and get around your property?
The verdict? Very easy and comfortable, quiet as a whisper, and easy on the fuel.

5. Tell us more about Glen Eden Beach Resort!
Located on the northern end of Peregian Beach, their 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom self-contained resort apartments boast direct beach access, a sparkling pool, spa, and sauna facilities. Plus, they're just a leisurely stroll from the vibrant Peregian Village and a mere 10-minute drive to Noosa!!

As a special treat for our cherished FatCat Family members, Glen Eden Beach Resort is extending an exclusive offer! Use the code "Fatcat5" when booking, and you'll enjoy a delightful 5% discount on your stay. Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to experience their beautiful resort.

And here's the scoop: this is 100% NOT sponsored! The team reached out to us with genuine admiration, expressing how much they've come to appreciate their FatCat bike. We couldn't help but resonate with their enthusiasm and wanted nothing more than to salute their business alongside our esteemed FatCat Family. Their generous offer of a discount code comes straight from the heart, a testament to camaraderie!

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the team at Glen Eden Beach Resort for sharing their FatCat journey with us. Your stories inspire us to keep pushing the boundaries of what our bikes can do!

If you have any questions or wish to share your own FatCat story, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're always here to chat and celebrate your adventures!

Wishing you safe and thrilling off-road adventures with your FatCat Mini Bikes!



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