Dave's Custom Seat Mod and Off-Roading Adventures: Elevating the FatCat Mini Bike Experience!

Dave's Custom Seat Mod and Off-Roading Adventures: Elevating the FatCat Mini Bike Experience!

Dave's Custom Seat Mod and Off-Roading Adventures: Elevating the FatCat Mini Bike Experience!

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At FatCat Mini Bikes, we always love hearing from our customers about their unique modifications and their thrilling experiences on our mini bikes. One such customer, Dave, shared his incredible journey of customising his FatCat Mini Bike for off-roading adventures. In this post, we'll delve into the details of Dave's seat modification and his unforgettable experiences in the bush.

Dave's Seat Modification: Dave's journey began with a simple question from us: "Do you have any tips on raising the seat height?" His response was nothing short of inspiring. Dave's ingenious modification involved using an old postie seat, which featured high-quality foam padding, providing both comfort and an immediate 75mm lift. To raise the seat off the frame, he employed 5-6mm aluminum plates with creative bends and drilled holes for a secure fit. Dave's method was a mix of art and engineering, combining sika and rivets to secure the seat base.

The rear bracket, designed to fit flush with the original seat's rear mounting bracket holes, required a slight bend of more than 90 degrees. Meanwhile, the front bracket, fashioned into a Z-shape, was secured using tek screws to the FatCat's front seat mount cross member. Dave opted for a non-hinged front bracket, prioritising security and stability over versatility.

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Dave's Modification in Action: Dave's modification was not just about aesthetics; it significantly improved his riding experience. The higher seat position and the added cushioning not only enhanced his comfort but also provided more room for storage in front of the seat. Dave ingeniously used the space for his thermos and equipped his mini bike with canvas knapsacks for saddlebags and a Ryobi tool bag for the back rack.

With wider handlebars and a postie bike seat, Dave's FatCat Mini Bike gained an impressive 100mm lift. The modified setup not only changed the bike's geometry and handling but also added a new level of stability to this already remarkable machine.

Dave's off-roading adventures through rocky hills, sandy creeks, and spinifex terrain, covering a staggering 60km round trip, were truly awe-inspiring. Notably, he accomplished this feat using under 2 litres of fuel, highlighting the efficiency of the FatCat Mini Bike.

Challenges and Solutions: Dave also shared some challenges he encountered during his off-road excursions. Clearance underneath the bike suffered a few hits from larger rocks, as did the chain and sprocket when they got too close to obstacles. To address this, Dave crafted a protective sleeve using PVC pipe, safeguarding the tubing under the chain behind the front sprocket.

Furthermore, with a larger sprocket, the chain sometimes hit the frame when it became slack. Dave's solution was to add a PVC pipe sleeve over the tubing under the chain behind the front sprocket, effectively preventing any damage.

Dave's custom seat modification is a testament to the creativity and innovation of our FatCat Mini Bike community. His adventurous spirit and dedication to improving his ride have resulted in an awe-inspiring off-roading machine that continues to leave us in awe.

We hope Dave's story inspires you to unleash your own creativity and embark on exciting adventures with your FatCat Mini Bike. Stay tuned for more incredible customer stories and modifications in the future! If you have a modification project or adventure to share, don't hesitate to reach out. Your journey could be the next feature on our blog!

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[Disclaimer: Any modifications to your FatCat Mini Bike should be performed with safety in mind, by a professional and within the bounds of local laws and regulations. Always ride responsibly and prioritise safety.]

Stay adventurous and stay FatCat strong!

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